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Why Should You Become A Hypnotist

The Professional Hypnotist Practitioner market is large, wide and varied. Stress reduction, stop smoking, hypnobirthing, weight control and pain management make up only a few of the many hypnotic programs available. However, many hypnotist fall into the trap of learning hypnosis for one specific outcome and it becomes their specialty or their “thing”. They are often convinced that this will be the one technique that will get them success and make them money. Unfortunately mass online marketing and sales gimmicks and underdeveloped hypnotists have produced a large amount of hypnotist with no real experience and very little training for the basic essential skills and building blocks that ensure truly successful client outcomes and therefore a successful business.

We at the Master Hypnotist Society Canada believe in taking hypnosis training to the next level…out of the classroom and into the real world with real successful client outcomes. Robbie Spier Miller of Hypnosis Training Canada and Trisha Fuller of The Canadian Hypnosis Academy have joined forces to form the Master Hypnotist Society Canada. Founded on the principles of Scott McFall’s Master Hypnotist Society.

Our Mission Is:

To help hypnotists get the best possible results for their clients.

The Co-Founder of Master Hypnotist Society Canada Robbie Spier Miller has a great article that articulates the pitfalls of most hypnosis trainings. Found Here 6 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Choosing Hypnosis Training

Our hypnosis trainings focus on what you need to be successful:

Christine Laval

Hypnosis training has opened my eyes to a new way of working with people who are struggling and motivated me to make change. This training allowed me to learn and practice new skills and to have the confidence to work with people in helping them make changes. This hypnosis training was very well rounded. It provided me with an array of tools and resources in a comfortable and supportive environment. I enjoyed the various approaches that were utilized, including videos and audios, telephone conversations with other trainers in this organization, workbook, as well as practical and hands on experience. 

Heidi Greenhalgh

Hypnosis training has provided me with a new way to help friends, family and potential clients. I was able to see the different techniques being used on my fellow peers. I learnt a lot more about myself and the need to want to help others. The hypnosis training was excellent at giving me hands on experience, teaching me and allowing me to try new techniques. The way the course was taught was beneficial to me as a learner. I needed to be able to try and experience new skills instead of just reading about them and that is exactly what I got from this training! 

Jolien Miller

Before hypnosis training I felt lost with no clear direction. I had an idea of what I wanted to do with my life but not sure if the path was the right one. This training has given me a clearer direction and excitement for this career. I will be able to help people in a shorter more productive time. I have continued to learn and grow and change my perceptions on my own history to make positive changes in my life. Hypnosis training has been amazing and exciting! Each day has been different. Learning new things. One minute we are in a discussion, then we can move on to practising hypnosis. The learning is fun and dynamic. It kept me interested and wanting more! I just felt really excited and engaged in each step and couldn’t wait to hear and learn more. 

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