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Learn Hypnosis Red Deer, Alberta

Intro To Hypnosis

Intro To Hypnosis/Life Enhancement Hypnosis

You can become an expert communicator and boost your confidence with this fun and interactive hypnosis training.

For hobbyists, hypno-curious and budding professionals alike. The Intro To Hypnosis is your opportunity to learn hypnosis, how to hypnotize people with skill and confidence, and give a boost to your communication and relationship skills.

Rolling Admission

All Courses in Red Deer, AB

*Dates are subjected to change based on student/trainers availability.

Dates: Rolling Admission

Space is limited to maximize student learning – so register early!

Admission Requirements: Prior to admission, students are required to complete an application and attend an interview in-person or by phone. 

The Canadian Hypnosis Academy, Trisha Fuller and the Master Hypnotist Society Canada reserve the right to refuse any student based upon scheduling and availability of Trisha Fuller as trainer.

The Canadian Hypnosis Academy

Are you looking for a new profitable career in hypnosis? Have you trained as a hypnotist but are struggling to build a successful business? Are you looking to learn how to apply the hypnosis skills you learned in the classroom to working with live clients? As a member of the Master Hypnotist Society and Master Hypnotist Society Canada, The Canadian Hypnosis Academy provides hypnosis training to become a hypnotist or hypnotherapist in Canada. As well as offering a business mentorship program.

Become a professional hypnotist with hypnosis classes in Alberta, Canada with an experienced hypnotherapist and hypnosis instructor. This is an advanced hypnosis school that provides superior hypnosis training and professional hypnosis education and advancement including practical exposure, live training, classroom hours, and practicum experience and certification exam.

Whether you are new to hypnotism or a seasoned hypnotherapy professional, The Canadian Hypnosis Academy can help you take your skill and success to the next level.

Learn hypnosis with our hands-on, in-depth training which includes personalized instruction and feedback, clinical observation at our center, and practical application.

Advanced training and mentorship is available in marketing, business management and entrepreneurial skills so that you have what it takes to succeed as a hypnotist and a business owner.

We provide training in the internationally renowned McFall Method of Hypnosis Training, which has helped tens of thousands of people improve their lives.

Call now for a free screening to see if you qualify to be a hypnosis student of The Canadian Hypnosis Academy 403-33-HYPNO (403-334-9766).

Only a limited number of spaces are available.

Professional Certification Training Course

Professional Hypnotist Training Red Deer

Make the most of your training! If you are serious about becoming a hypnotist, this hands-on training is for you.

This training has a strong practical focus. Observe live client sessions at Hypnosis for Health and Happiness. Get real experience hypnotizing clients. Receive professional feedback on your performance. Introduction to how to help people lose weight, stop smoking, and manage stress with hypnosis.

Basic Hypnosis Training Part 1
Basic Hypnosis Training Part 2

140 hour course to complete
70 hours class time
Certificate of completion MHS

Life Enhancement  Hypnosis Training

Advanced Hypnosis Training Part 1
Advanced Hypnosis Training Part 2

Basic Hypnosis Training Part 1
Basic Hypnosis Training Part 2

To receive certification, the student must complete the following:

140 hours of training:

Service Promise/Guarantees

Service Promise/Guarantee

We encourage the use of a service guarantee similar to the one offered by Hypnosis for Health and Happiness. It’s fair, reassures your client and demonstrates confidence in your skills.

Hypnosis Office Layout & Decor

The way your office is laid out, the pictures on the wall, where products are displayed, all influence client results and success.

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