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Are you tired of being short of breath?  Are you fed up with the hassle of finding a place to have a cigarette?  Are you sick of the stench of smoke?

If you have tried “everything” — patches, gums, cold turkey, etc. — without permanent success, it is time to see if you are a candidate for hypnosis. Hypnosis for Health and Happiness in Red Deer and Castor, Alberta is ready to help you get rid of the hassle of smoking and see being smoke free as a desirable goal.

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Quit Smoking and Lose Weight

Congratulations Antoniya!

“Before I had shame, smelt bad, criticism from my son, loss of money, bad skin and a bad smoking habit. I also suffered with diets never working, having to buy bigger clothes and I was sad and depressed.

With hypnosis I am Smoke Free after 20 plus years! And I have eliminated a sugar addiction! With hypnosis I have more money now, my son is happy, I am losing weight and I have motivation.”
~Antoniya Panayotova

“Its been over 1yr 100% completely smoke free in Aug! Not even a single puff since I left your office that day!!! Thank you again so much!!!”
~Paula Hunter

“I Quit Smoking with Hypnosis and Saved enough money to buy a BOAT!

My breathing was short from smoking and my health and lungs were suffering. With hypnosis I have stopped smoking. I can breath way better. I can smell things a lot better. I have more money! I can do more and longer activities with my kids. Quitting smoking was my number one result, and I feel better all around. I have tried to quit a lot of times, I have quit with hypnosis, I highly recommend it.”
~Jason Christie

“I felt TERRIBLE…ALL THE TIME. Sleepless nights, tight lungs, bad cough, no energy.

I quit Smoking with hypnosis! I would recommend hypnosis to anyone suffering. It works and my life is getting better because of it. I am also sleeping better, less stress, memory better, more awake in the mornings, energy levels back up, I feel alive again! Thank you Hypnosis!
~Wayne Plamondon

“I stopped Smoking with hypnosis! I had NO Cravings, NO weight gain, I quit the same day as my first session and I never looked back! It was great to travel and not to worry about finding places to smoke. I am feeling healthier and more productive!”
~Ann Miller

“Stopped Smoking with Hypnosis.  The next day after my first hypnosis session to stop Smoking, I was in a vehicle with someone who smoked 15 cigarettes. I didn’t even care!! I felt NO CRAVINGS at all. Hypnosis has been working wonders.”
~Luke Haugen

Chewing Tobacco

“Before hypnosis my child was at a crossroads on her life, making horrible choices. My relationship was not reaching its full potential even though it was capable of it. I was chewing tobacco.

With hypnosis I have quit chewing tobacco, I have a better relationship with my wife and children and now I drink way more water. Hypnosis has taught me how to change my thought patterns, it has also helped me be more engaged in my family and to be more task efficient.

Thank you for working with us on all the matters we have brought to you. Our lives have improved and we still continue to strive for more. Our thought processes have been modified in a way that brings more joy and happiness.”
~Craig Johnson

Quit smoking with hypnosis after 45 years!

“I was frustrated, losing ground with my health, I was wondering why I was doing this to myself!? Now with hypnosis I DON’T SMOKE!! (Think about that smokers!). I have been smoke free for over 3 months and I am more optimistic on/in many areas of my life”
~ Elwin peters, Non Smoker

“I was smoking a pack of smokes a day…my granddaughter did the math, $5000 a year OMG!! I want to spend that money on good things, trips, clothes and exercise. With hypnosis I have quit smoking! I have more energy and time for fun stuff, biking, walking, swimming and bowling. The most beautiful thing about quitting smoking is my granddaughters give me more loving, hugs and kisses because I don’t stink of cigarette smoke. They encourage me.”
~Heather Allen

“I was tired and stressed, and smoking was my outlet. But, even after I smoked, it didn’t help. I always felt empty. With hypnosis I finally quit smoking! I have more energy. I don’t feel empty. I learnt to cope with stress smoke free! “
~Karen Cartalia

“Before hypnosis I struggled with strategies and understanding the need for stress outlets. I thought this experience would magically make me quit smoking. But, instead I have gotten so much more out of it. I now understand what smoking did for me and how the activity needed to be changed into something more beneficial for my health and well being. I needed self esteem and other boosts that amazingly all worked together to help me successfully step closer into the person I am supposed to be. Hypnosis has really improved the clarity of my overall life goals and purpose. I love having tools to aid in taking action and changing how you feel about things such as cigarettes. I have better sleep, less stress, grounded, more calm more often, less sugar cravings and more water intake. Thank you for your patience with me, I didn’t fully realize what this experience would require of me – even with your warning. But, I knew that coming for these sessions was the right thing to do and I am extremely happy that I did. I am grateful for insight and hypnosis. Thank you again and I will absolutely recommend to others.”
~Abby Hannah

“I was struggling with nicotine cravings and fear of relapse to smoking.

With hypnosis I can now calm myself and control many aspects of my life through self hypnosis, breathing and mantras. I have gained confidence, control and power! I have also lost 12 lbs!!! I highly recommend the services for many people!”
~Alicia Kneeland-Teasdale

“My health was deteriorating due to smoking related illness. Shortness of breath, fatigue and lack of energy. I have quit smoking with hypnosis and now I can exercise! I feel calmer, more relaxed. Hypnosis helps when I have had a stressful day. I am happier now than I have been in a long time! I can tell people “I am a non smoker!” Relationships with non-smoking friends has improved a lot. Thank you.” ~Lorrie Hamilton

Every time Steve tried to quit smoking he was grumpy and irritable…does this sound familiar?

He was ALMOST SMOKE FREE just by coming to the Free Screening…Here is his story

“Before I smoked a lot, I had trouble sleeping, I was irritable, always frustrated and annoyed and lazy.

With hypnosis I have QUIT Smoking. I sleep well and I am not groggy I. The morning. I am less irritable!!! My wife and kids are happy with my increased energy. I am not out of breath going up the stairs. I feel confident in my ability to manage my emotions.

It is crazy to me that I quit. I have tried so many times, but this time is different. I was almost SMOKE FREE AFTER THE FREE SCREENING. The tools hypnosis had given me will help me maintain the Smoke Free life I want.

My increased happiness and energy are much appreciated by myself and my family. Thank you. “
~Steve Bowie

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