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Let’s face it, you’ve tried every diet out there but you are still fat OR you lose weight and then very effectively put it all back on (and perhaps even more than you lost).  Most weight loss programs insist on a very rigid diet full of excessive rules and limitations with the end result being “going off the diet” which creates the yo-yo effect. Our Red Deer weight loss management coaching clinic is different.

*Individual results vary

With hypnosis, in Red Deer or Hypnosis Online across Alberta, Canada and US you can embrace a new strategy. This highly successful hypnosis weight loss program has worked on many people JUST LIKE YOU!  You can take control of what you eat, and when you eat it.  This ensures effective results now.  Hypnosis allows you to begin to increase your desire of healthy foods at the right times rather than telling you what you can’t eat.  This reprograms how you look at junk foods, processed carbohydrates, and fatty foods as boring and dull.  You take control of your eating by eliminating the un-useful moods that cause you to overeat.  It’s about the mood rather than the type of food that is the issue.

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This weight control system will encourage you to increase your physical activity.  Activity that is right for you.  Activity that you are attracted to.  If you want to dance crazy in your living room, go for a walk or do yoga in your pajamas, the choice is yours.  The goal is to shift how you look at exercise.  What if exercise could either be a form of entertainment or relaxation.  How much more would you be attracted to exercise if it was framed that way?  You can find increased motivation to move your body every day because you start to associate pleasure with moving your body and this becomes the part of your thin outlook.

This think thin mindset is reinforced with group motivational classes and audio programs to support you at home.  These FREE extras allow you to manage your emotions more effectively and you begin to gain confidence and inner strength and subsequently reinforce your new changes so that they become permanent good habits for a new thinner you.

This program is easy to continue long term because you will learn easy self-hypnosis techniques to keep you on track. Home support audio programs are included.  No more continuing to buy additional supplements, gadgets or videos. Hypnosis weight management and coaching programs are backed by a written service promise.

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Real People, Real Results…

**Results may vary

Tanya’s story…
45 lbs gone in 7 months

“I have tried everything since I was in my teens to lose weight, anything and everything from protein diets, herbal magic, weight loss pills and supplements, extreme workouts to even gastric sleeve weight loss surgery!!
In the end the result was always the same, the weight came back! Prior to booking my Free Screening I was feeling uncertain, unfocused, anxious, hopeless and unwell.
This experience with hypnosis is completely different because you are tapping into your subconscious mind which is the only way to succeed to eliminate bad habits and to add positive ones! With hypnosis I feel energized and confident with myself and the goals I want to achieve. I feel safe knowing I have the tools through hypnosis and suggestions to overcome obstacles and take on new positive challenges.
I wasn’t even trying and my mind was working for me, automatically choosing to not overeat, craving water and healthy foods, even feeling the need to exercise!
The more I listened to the hypnosis audio and zoom meets with my coach Trisha Fuller the more we set the mind for success!
I have never had support like this in my life! I can’t say enough to thank Trisha Fuller for her knowledge and full support every step of the journey in the last 7 months since I started hypnosis.
It’s a support system made just for you with regular updates. If something wasn’t working we added a new suggestion, if something was working we expanded on that!
A hypnosis program specially tailored to you!
I am so excited to continue on this journey to getting in touch with my inner self and eliminate more self-destructive behaviors and add more positive healthy behaviors! I am taking positive actions and having positive thoughts automatically!
Overall it’s like magic to get in touch with yourself, your subconscious mind is there you just have to get in touch with it in this lifetime so you can be able to accomplish and conquer the everyday world!

I am learning and experiencing the power of my mind and that gives me great hope and a sense of peace in my life.
Do it for yourself, do it for the ones you love, you can be a positive force that reflects on everyone! I am so glad I decided to do hypnosis.”
~Tanya Foidart

Health Care Worker loses 21lbs in 4 months with Hypnosis!!
Are you run down, lacking energy? Are you tired of carrying excess weight!?
That USED TO be me! Andrea Heilman’s story as she trained to be a hypnotist:
“ I am a 47 year old Lab and X-ray Technologist, mother of 3, and have been married for 24 years. I started
hypnosis in October 2020 with the intention of losing 20 pounds. I was tired all the time, my joints ached from
carrying extra weight and being on my feet all day. I relied on coffee in the afternoon to just get me through a
shift, and when I got home I was just too tired and sore and lacked the motivation to exercise. I was
embarrassed for my husband to see me naked or for others to see me in a bathing suit which made my
confidence very, very low. I would purchase clothing that was unfitted and hanging in order to hide my flaws.
After my first session I realized that hypnosis was going to help me with more than just the weight loss! I
noticed immediately that the hypnosis is EASY!! In 4 month I lost 21 pounds and 20 inches! Along with
shedding the weight, it also feels like I have let go of un-useful thoughts, I’m able to level my emotion and this
leads to better communication and coping strategies at home and at work. I am motivated and WANT to move
my body every day. I am confident in my own skin, and look forward to buying new clothes that fit well and
show off my new shape, including a new bathing suit in the summer! I hurt less because I have reduced my
size by moving my body and eating more nutritious foods. I sleep better at night and wake ready to take on a
new day!
Hypnosis has changed my life! I am more tolerant, happier, and I have a more positive outlook. My
relationships are stronger because of this. I will never go back to my old destructive habits or thought
processes. Knowledge is POWER, and I have changed for LIFE!”
~Andrea Heilman-CLXT

“Best Money I have Spent…this is not a diet!”
Here is Val’s story in her first 6 weeks…
“Before I suffered with weight gain, insomnia, was easily stressed, sedentary, no “joie de vivre”, embarrassed by my appearance, tired and cranky.
With hypnosis I have eliminated 16 lbs in my first 6 weeks! Energy levels have gone way up. I feel compelled to move. This also means that I can go to bed pleasantly fatigued and with the sleep audios part of the program I get a good nights rest. I even have even slept 8 hours which was previously unheard of.
The weight loss is not a result of a “diet”. I had been on weight watchers prior and it always felt like deprivation. Now that my brain is refocusing on healthy eating it is becoming as natural to reach for the healthy foods WITH NO CRAVINGS!! …as natural as it is to breathe, move and sleep!
I love feeling more confident and in control. I am much more content to experience everything life has to offer. I put on a bathing suit for the first time and I could see who I am meant to be and how this is changing my life! This is The BEST MONEY I have ever spent on self care.”
~Val Bieber

50 lbs down in 7 months with hypnosis!
4 sizes down. I have more confidence, I am much more relaxed, able to make decisions easier and my sleep has improved!
~Merna Cermak

61lbs Gone in 4 Months
Your past halfway. Keep going Dalan.
Here is what Dalan has to say…

“Before hypnosis I had low self esteem, low energy, frustration with myself and fear of social interaction.

With hypnosis I am feeling more energetic in the evenings, saving money on food, feeling pride for what I have accomplished with my weight, enjoying being outside and going for walks.

I am learning and enjoying delayed gratification, looking for different vectors of success, and moving from pessimistic to optimistic states of mind.

Hypnosis is exactly the kick in the a$$ that I needed to keep me on track, focus and achieve my goals.”
~Dalan Wilson

Here is Barry’s Story!
“My weight has been reduced by 30 lbs in 3 months. It has been easy. 3 meals a day and water, water, and more water. Through hypnosis I have learned to control my eating and now have the path to continue reducing to my goal. Thank you ever so much.” ~Barry Lust

The Best Decision I Ever Made

Penny’s Story…

“I am 63 years old, mother of 3, grandmother of 4 and married 29 years. I work full time as a floral designer, I have worked the same job since I was 16 years old.

I have just reached my goal! I have lost 35 pounds and 30 inches in 5 1/2 months with the team at Hypnosis for Health and Happiness.

I am proud to say I have reached my goal and lost weight but what I have gained is so much more. The self awareness and understanding of how much my mind played such a huge part of this journey. I have always been very self-conscious and shy. A constant worrier about everything. Somewhat of a procrastinator and I did not sleep well.

As a floral designer I was on my feet out eight hours a day and was tired and had no energy after work. I now have more energy, exercise (just walking!) but it is now a part of my daily routine. Not a chore, but a normal part of my day. This is a new good habit!

I now have the skills and the tools, through hypnosis, to maintain my weight loss goals. I continue to set new goals every day. Your mind controls your body. Relaxation and hypnosis is the key to open your mind to suggestions and then you use this to act on these suggestions.

Of course, I did have to change my eating habits the very first day. The hypnotist put the suggestion in my head portion control eating only from a small plate which I do every day since the very first meeting. Funny when I think back to that first day, how nervous I was, it was a huge decision financially and emotionally. What I do know is it was the best decision I have ever made. The image of her handing me the small plate and telling me to eat only from the small plate is one of the most vivid memories from the first meeting. I do that every day now easy!

I still have stress and worry but I now have the skills and tools to act on the stress that I have, and to let go of the stress I have no control of.

Self hypnosis is now a part of my daily routine, most often I don’t even know I’m using it. I am still me! The person I always knew deep down that I was! Happy, healthy, proud, the person I deserve to be!

Thank you Hypnosis for Health and Happiness!”

~Penny Sul

Here’s Darlene’s Story… She has kept 45lbs off for Over 3 years Hypnosis! “Before I was gaining weight even though I was trying to eat less. The ¬final straw was when my Bathing Suit didn’t fit!!! I was trying but I thought it was hopeless and I was getting more and more discouraged.
I had clipped a piece of paper from the newspaper advertising hypnosis, I kept it in my diary, thinking about phoning.
I was skeptical that hypnosis would work. When I hit the breaking point of my weight gain I decided to call for my
“Free Screening” and the rest is history.
I dropped 16 lbs in the ¬ first 5 weeks!!!
In 9 months I eliminated 45 lbs of fat with hypnosis.
I am eating smaller portions,
usually of healthy foods. I feel I have more energy and I ¬ find it easier to move around. I also look forward to exercise.
Because I changed my eating habits my Husband has also lost weight and he is joining me in healthier eating.
I value the benefit of exercise in my day rather than letting it fall to the wayside. With hypnosis I no longer unconsciously grab
things to eat.
Hypnosis worked for me!”

~Darlene Graham

Hi my name is Megan McAleese and this is my story…

“I didn’t think being a thin person was possible for me. I always dissatisfied, I was hungry. I was unsatisfied with everything. My brain said the answer to that would be to eat a cookie. But no matter how many cookies I ate I still felt unsatisfied. So I kept looking for more bigger better cookies. So I got fatter and less satisfied with how I looked and how I felt and how I moved.

I have lost 51 lbs in 7.5 months with hypnosis. I am excited about my life now. I am feeling excited about my life. I am satisfied with finding new healthy things to eat. I am always satisfied. Hypnosis has changed my mind. Hypnosis works. I t has changed my mind, my brain, its changed my thinking about what I want out of life, more than a large dessert. It has done amazing things for me. I wish I would have found hypnosis twenty years ago!”

~ Megan McAleese

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