Hypnosis Facts

Approximately 90-95% of the population can be hypnotized. Willingness, belief and motivation have great influence over hypnotizability. Some people believe that they cannot be hypnotized. This is usually due to holding onto a little bit of fear- the fear of loss of control. This is actually a misunderstanding as the proper use of hypnosis actually gives you greater control over all aspects of your life.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, you are always in control.

During hypnosis you are neither asleep nor unconscious, and will always “come out” whenever you wish. You are always in complete control.

Stronger-minded and stronger-willed people are easier to hypnotize; not the other way around as is usually assumed.

You cannot be made to divulge information or do anything against your will while in hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a way to direct your inner mind toward the positive for great personal benefit.

You will not be made to look like a fool; the people who volunteer for shows expect to participate in entertaining, they may be asked to bark like a dog – and they will if they want to, but if they are asked to steal they would never, they would come out of hypnosis immediately.

You will hear every word that is said. You will remember every word that is said if that is your desire.

There is no special “feeling” in hypnosis. The feeling of being hypnotized is just a feeling of total and complete relaxation.

We are in a state of hypnosis many times a day, watching tv, driving, working on the computer, every time we fall asleep and every time we wake up, reading…hypnosis is a normal natural state that we all experience every day.